About Tour

Dear Tourists, if you are bored with standard tours to Venice (Venezia), Vatican, Berlin or Paris and New-York... we would like to invite YOU to discover a whole new experience, a non-standard and totally UNKNOWN – The XSoviet Ghosts tour in the Republic of Moldova!!!

1st day – visiting Transnistria, a territory caught in a time warp

2nd day - visiting the Unique Soviet Union’s officer Bunker, 21 floors of fun and history :)))

3rd day - RELAX, CAMPING and MASSAGE with the most beautiful girls in the world and Lenin's, STALIN'S, Stefan cel Mare, Cantemir, Creanga, Eminescu, Gagarin and Puskin" literature words says "best wines in underground-city km X-tounels" and traditional MOLDAVIAN food!!! Village life (XHOTEL), for sure in all inclusive programs. We will show you the REAL MOLDAVIAN DRAKULA XCastle,
WELCOME and ENJOY our XSovietU-3 DAY tour.